President speech

As time goes by, Jiangxi Selon Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown up from a newborn to a sunshine boy.

Established in tough circumstances in early stage, Selon kept moving on toward a common goal with the efforts of successive border of directors, management groups and staff. All the hard work paid off: Selon was listed in 2015. Like a ship, it started sailing into the blue ocean of capital market.

And now, Selon is standing at a new starting point. Taking the path of innovation and relying on wise development, Selon keeps strengthening its core competitiveness, and adopts a sustainable development mode with low energy consumption, reduced waste discharge, and high efficiency, making itself a spearhead of circular economy in the industry. The brand value of Selon has gained wide market recognition.

In the future, Selon will stick to the idea of “innovative, harmonious, green, open and shared” to create values for the society, benefits for the investors, and welfare for the employees. Keeping the initial intention in mind, Selon will keep developing into an excellent sustainable listed company.

Where there is a will, there is a way!


President Liu Yiyun
16 January 2017

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